Description of the operative business

Dedicated to the development and distribution of premium, science-based health and wellness brands across the globe, Rapid Nutrition shares a wealth of award-winning products with consumers who are passionate about innovations that are “made by nature, refined by science.” Rapid Nutrition’s first-class development team matches the experience of its management team to keep both the company and consumers on top of the latest industry trends and developments, while aligning with industry leaders worldwide to deliver effective supplements and solutions.

Business Segment

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Corporate Information
Company: Rapid Nutrition PLC
Date of Incorporation: 11 January 2012
Accounting Standards: IFRS
End of Financial Year: 31 December
Names and functions of the Executive Board members or members of the Board of Management:
Mr Simon St Ledger - Director
Mr Shayne Kellow - Director
Mr Jeffrey Reingold - Director
Essential Trading Data:
Total number of shares or certificates: 25,237,383
Par Value: GBP 0.0001
Shareholders’ or Bearers’ structure: Ordinary shares
Significant Shareholders:
Investor Name Percentage of Voting Rights
Atlas Special Opportunities II, LLC 24%

Convertible Notes & Warrants:
Registered Notes in accordance with disclosure Addiitional Disclosure

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